How To Find An Accounting Professional – Professional Being The Keyword

Hire a good CPA. Make sure your CPA is licensed. There are definitely charlatans and unethical financial people in this world. There are people who call themselves tax professionals who are not a CPA. 

I had no idea, but it totally makes sense. There are so many non-credentialed people selling medical misinformation. There are many physicians practicing bad medicine who have lost their medical license. Why would other spaces be any different.

Talk to your colleagues about someone who has helped them. Trust but verify. You can start here when verifying your CPA’s license:

A side note, I always tell my patients to verify their doctor is board certified here and to look up their medical license and disciplinary action on their state medical board website. The more we advocate for this and spread awareness, the more we can do to battle hormonal charlatans who are harming our patients with thyroid and adrenal supplements and misinformation.