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CME Course: A Lifestyle-Focused Approach to Type 2 Diabetes

“I believe TOGETHER we can transform the trajectory of diabetes.”

-Arti Thangudu, MD

Great care makes patients better.

You have the capability to help your patients reach new heights of health.

Join me in the joyful practice of delivering health and revolutionizing diabetes care!

How To Choose An EMR

I know you all love Epic. I love Epic, too. Sometimes I miss it, but not really. These big box EMR are created for capturing

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If you’re curious about the benefits of a plant-based diet, this documentary is a great place to start. It shares the stories of strong, competitive athletes who saw tremendous gains with plant-based diet. It goes into the science without being boring. The full documentary is available on Netflix.

To learn more about plant-based diet and for some of Dr. Thangudu’s favorite recipies, check out these links: 

Whole Food FAQ

Plant-Based FAQ's PDF

Fixic Patches for Freestyle Libre

When the Freestyle Libre falls off, it can be super frustrating. Dr. Thangudu recommends these patches to place over the freestyle libre for her patients to help it stay on better.

Skin Tac for Diabetes Devices

When your pump supplies or continuous glucose monitor supplies fall off before they should, it is super frustrating and expensive. Dr. Thangudu recommends Skin Tac wipes to her patients to help prevent this for her patients.

Oh She Glows

This book’s chapters are chock full of helpful information for you (I dare say, it’s my most informative book yet!), including Glow Getter Meal Plans, Menus to Get Your Glow On, Helpful Recipe Lists, Pantry Staples, Kitchen Tools and Appliances and Tips for Cooking in the Oh She Glows Kitchen.

Quick Start Guide

Plant-Based Nutrition PDF

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