Why Yoga?

Yoga means “union.” The mind, body and spirit are the quintessential union reflected by human health. To truly achieve a healthier body, you must nourish the other essential parts.

With yoga, we strengthen the positive connection between our mind, body and spirit and build new neural connections, new habit loops. Yoga helps us cope with life stressors that come in the way of our good habits and keeps us centered and balanced. Yoga can help with pain and restorative sleep.

Further, each yoga practice begins with intention – a goal with a purpose. The practice of intention sets us up to make meaningful goals. This practice of intention is crucial to facilitating lifestyle changes, allows us to find ways to be healthier and improves daily life in the long and short term. Quick, noticeable improvements commit us to continuing our good choices.

Our mind is so powerful that it can convince us that we are not in charge. Yoga reinforces that the decisions we make are, in fact, choices. This mindfulness is enlightening!

With yoga, your complete health and life can soar to a higher level than can be achieved with traditional medicine alone.